rigatoni with lemon parmesan cream

we had this for lunch today, yum.


i really liked this recipe. creamy, but still light (not at all like an alfredo) with lots of zang. i served it with ginger glazed carrots, another favorite. just throw in 1 T brown sugar, 1 t salt, 1 t ground ginger, and 3 T butter into already cooked/drained carrots.


the pasta was easy too. “cook the rigatoni, set it aside. saute garlic over low heat for 30 seconds (do not let brown). add lemon peel and cream, simmer for 8 minutes. add tomatoes, parmesan and cooked pasta. stir and season with salt and pepper. pour lemon juice over top. serve with extra parmesan.”


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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