“lovely food, gromit”

i remember lots of instances growing up, seeing something strange and beautiful, the way the hairs stood up on the inside of an artichoke or rows of antique pinwheels on a pillow, and wanting to take their picture. i’ve always suffered this urge, usually when i didn’t have a camera, so it passed. but yesterday, when i was rinsing tomatos in the colander, i remembered. i think it would be fun if we always noticed the neat little things. so next time i walk by the telephone pole on vista, bristling with nails and staples of yardsales past, i’m going to take it’s picture too.




if any of you want to play, try to collect 5 things, and then post them. the point isn’t to try and be a photographer, but to catch the little things that hop into your day unexpected. i always liked this post of paula’s. she caught a picture of paint gooping, sliced leeks, and then the chartreuse of her skirt. it’s neat what you notice. by the way, the bottom picture was me whisking pancake batter and wondering at how the sides shed liquid and kept perfectly smooth. eventually, i had to make pancakes out of it and stop playing.

keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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