baby shower

for little lydia maude. i spent the morning helping kandi get ready. i got to comet out the tub and rearrange furniture. invite me over any time, i can’t resist.

here is the hostess with the mostest.


yes, thank you miranda.


and here is her house with stephanie on the left and melissa on the right. below is sophie and baby maude and one of billy’s strange sculptural sensations.


kandi made the loveliest food. i do believe i ate steadily from 2:00 to 5:00. here it is:


i never really made it to the deserts because i was too enraptured with kandi’s cream cheese dip. i made her write down the recipe before it defigmented itself from her imagination:


sharla came an hour early and helped get ready. i remember she did this at jehu’s birthday party too, and i couldn’t help but think she had the most wonderful way with carrots. it is true.


i spent saturday evening making tartlets. gayla had given me all these little infinitesimal molds that had, up till now, sat and mocked me in their little diminutive piles. “ha, you will never use us, we will just sit here and make you feel guilty for the next 5 years.” i couldn’t take it. although i would have, if i had known what making tartlets entailed. suffering.


it’s just that they were half the size of normal tartlet pans and you had to foil and pie weight each one. then half-way through cooking (when you were most likely to burn yourself and fling pie weights everywhere) you had to remove the foil and weights – and this was just for the crust. you still have to make the filling. but they were good, so i’m including the williams and sonoma pastry recipe and linking to the filling recipe, since people seemed to want it:


it was a good time all around. i still need to clean the pie weights out of my kitchen. i am procrastinating. sharla (the girl in the middle) made a neat little book of individually scrapped pages where everyone wrote down something they appreciated about sophie. to quote sophie, “no, don’t do that, you’ll make me cry. …and if i don’t cry, i’ll feel bad.”



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