guess who had their baby?

(not me, i still have 6 more months) aunt becca and uncle doug. little “isaac douglas otto”, weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz (3 weeks early at that).


to quote gideon, “the baby in becca’s tummy came out?” yes, yes it did, after a 9 hour labor and a few pushes it popped right out. hooray for more boys! i’m sure becca will post some pictures on her blog when she gets home so be sure to check.


1 Response to “guess who had their baby?”

  1. 1 mom September 13, 2007 at 8:38 am

    are you sure the issac was early? seems to me if he had stayed in the tummy for 3 more weeks he would have been 11 pounds.
    he sure looks like his daddy. how exciting. are you going to see the baby this weekend? hope becca is feeling good, how did mallory respond to baby brother? gideon what are you doing on top of the counter? how did you get up there? you boys are too much. grandma loves you. hugs and kisses. books should be coming this afternoon when you wake up from your nap. i like the bug book, you can catch bugs with daddy cause he likes bugs too.

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