the ties that bind

my family and boy’s came to visit us for the weekend. and what’s a visit from grandparents without rampant spoilation? here we are watching gideon unpack his new plan city parking garage from grandma gayla. (some assembly required.)


it was also entertaining to observe grandma sandy pull an entire go-cart out of the back of the little subaru outback.


along with this.


yes, that would be a third boob. just be glad i neglected to take a picture of the little removable fetus on the inside. i’m sure it will add quality taste and atmosphere to my living room for quite some time. until one of my friends (mackenzie’s due soon…) has a baby and then it will make the most opportune present.


later, all the womenfolk drove around hidden springs and oogled houses while the boys baby-sat. it’s our favorite thing to do. last time we performed crazy hit and runs in some of the more outlandish eagle subdivisions and no doubt aroused suspicions (you should see my car). and the time before we took a very legitimate tour of harrison boulevard and marveled at how many people don’t clean their baseboards.


here they all are.  my mom on the left, then jehu, natalie, reuben, granddad and part of gideon (who would otherwise be stark naked, yes, even at breakfast). i’m sure it will be a while before i see you all again, i will be sad.


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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