new, slightly ugly, dress


my only yard sale find from last week. i thought it was an apron and for 10 cents i didn’t mind so much. but when i got home, i found out it was a dress.  “what am i supposed to do with this?” so i wore it to church. i’ve noticed that most of my style choices are unintentional, “hey, this is free! i’ll wear it!” if i had money, i would rather look like this.


maybe it would take more than money.


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  1. 1 mom August 29, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    that is not a very good picture, of you or the dress. have a car rented getting off at 12:00. can’t wait. we poured 17 bags of concrete last night. have two more holes to fill. thank you boy for the digging, it meant alot to mark. love mom

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