happy camping

if you’ve missed me, i’ve been on vacation in northern idaho. sister sarah was visiting from north carolina with sir suckling, husband, husband’s sister, daughter, and mum. consequently sister violet hopped over from maine to visit too, causing a general chain reaction compelling me to drive seven hours. here is auntie piolet toting the brand new scrom.


mackenzie and laura visited too. and you must excuse my smurf face. apparently that was the best i muster at the time.


here is boy with suckling. he insists that he doesn’t like other people’s babies. who would believe him?


mom had eight little kids over so she devised this lovely little tea party for them. however the hornets planned a mass attack and we had to move it inside.


it wasn’t quite as lovely, but i think the minions were only in it for the frosting and didn’t notice.


it certainly didn’t make one whit of difference to reuben, who should not be invited to tea parties in the first place.


saturday afternoon we headed out to go camping. i think there were 20 of us, all together. when our convoy pulled into the little four site campground, you should of seen the looks of horror on the faces of the legitimate campers. you know, the one’s who drive subaru’s and mull about quitely in their columbia jackets with their well behaved dogs and don’t pull the seats out of their van for extra seating.


this is a picture of the boy’s when they were still clean and below is a picture of the boys 10 minutes later. this is why mavis does not like camping. i had to change their clothes constantly. fortunately, i pack just about everything they own and find laundry to be a therapeutic adventure.



this is granddad on baby duty.


and here is reuben and boy ‘helping’ jehu get a rock he wanted. apparently no one wanted to get wet and there was a shortage of rocks.


i can’t say how much fun the boys had. it’s hard to understand once you reach the stolid old age of 26. …how lady bugs, sticks and gravel can be so overwhelmingly enchanting. but i guess they are, so we will keep at it on a faith basis and hope they thank me when they get older.


here is reuben handling gideon, who had just become a bio-hazard. two of a kind, if you ask me.


this is jehu right before he tried to saw off his finger. lots of blood and screaming but he’s quite fine.


it rained two days out of the four. dad forgot his hat and was always running about with something strange on his head. he had jehu’s overalls on for a while until i advised that he smell them. if you are going to put something on your head you shouldn’t find it in someone else’s laundry especially without making inquiries.


the little girl on the right is mia, sarah’s step-daughter. she is six “medium-sized” and cannot be lifted, “six year olds cannot be lifted.” she is the cutest thing ever.


we drove up to one of the lookouts. this is just like the one boy and i rented for a bit on our honeymoon, where we ate piles of cowgirl caramel sauce and skinny dipped in very cold rivers. you know, back when we were young and i was less expensive.


gideon liked throwing rocks in the river, almost as much as he liked peeing in the river. every time he had to go, someone had to walk him down to find the most strategic spot.


here we are on a little romp into the middle of nowhere. marc can’t wait till the boys can walk so they can explore the deep dark woods. i am less thrilled since marc and reuben found two rattlesnakes on their last walk. this we can do without.


tuesday, it finally warmed up and the boys got to play in the sand. they were less excited about the boat, however.


come on, tough it up.


grandma fed gideon animal crackers while he was in the midst of being buried and the inevitable happened. mmm.


and here we all are, looking good. they eventually got the pile up to natalie’s neck and she is probably still finding sand to date. thank you mom for taking such good care of us and making me french toast for breakfast. i think i survived.


3 Responses to “happy camping”

  1. 1 mom August 23, 2007 at 1:17 pm

    you forgot the cliff jumping pictures. and do the boys miss grandma? sorry about all the laundry. love mom
    ps. gayla and i want to hang out on sat. they are having art in the park, have any other ideas? kind of like a girls day out and the boys can go to devin’s.

  2. 2 violeta August 23, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    well this auntie piolet had a grand time and felt overwhelmed w/ luv. thanks goodness im home now, cuz i got my fix =)

  3. 3 kandi August 30, 2007 at 11:28 am

    camping looks like a crazy Blast with you and your family. although we missed you i really enjoy looking at all the pic’s you bring back from vacation, even more the silly things you have to write. I’ve started classes and already have tons of reading and a paper due next week. Billy’s parents are here until tues and we plan on going to ‘craters of the moon’ after church potluck. hope to see you soon. if you would like me to get started on the altered pictures either email me them or drop them by to be scanned. see you later.

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