if every day were yard sale day



i found these at a yard sale on friday. marc wasn’t very impressed, but i thought they were cute.


the best find was this $5, radio flyer, tricycle for jehu. grammy paid $40 for master gideon’s so i was quite thrilled to pick this one up. if you saw the ‘pedal fast’ video in the sidebar you might have noticed that jehu was in need of a better set of wheels. he was having a hard time trying to live up to his name.


in other news, home depot has brought back their $19 area rugs. i haven’t seen them in 2 years. i’m a great fan of disposable carpet. we are very committed to wood floors but when babies come along they need a bit softer of a spot to land. also, after landing they tend to vomit and deficate (more often than naught) so it is best to have something you can dispose of after a few months.


both gideon and jehu had their own disposable, home depot rugs. i remember gideon took off his diaper, pooped, then butt scouched all over said rug. i can’t imagine having wall to wall carpet in such a situation. i just rolled it up and chucked it out. after that the world was once again a cold, hard, but decidedly cleaner place.


2 Responses to “if every day were yard sale day”

  1. 1 grandma August 13, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    jehu sure does have a nice hair cut. and matching bikes, too nice. one has a different tire tread so they will be able to tell them apart. i wish i could go to yard sales. some incredible finds miranda. i really like the cowboys, so if you don’t want the wall hangings i will take them from you. but i think those are a collectible item. worth some money.

    on a differnt note. how about a circus theme for jehu’s birthday. i found plastic plates and glasses that would make for nice favors. i could purchase some sets or i can wait until you see them. or maybe i will use them for the tea party on friday, for the kids. love mom

  2. 2 mavis August 13, 2007 at 2:42 pm

    the bikes are easy to tell apart. jehu’s is actually smaller and he can just reach the pedals. as for birthdays, i’m still leaning towards a spaceship theme. in which case i could have more fun with refrigerator boxes. so keep your eyes open in that direction, thanks.

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