gideon, the lady’s man

last night we went to the park with the jamieson’s and roasted marshmellows while the kids played. gideon and elizabeth are best friends.


when they have to leave they have the oddest little parting ritual. elizabeth will hold out her hands and say, “kiss.” gideon will bow and oblige and then say, “hug” and then they throw their arms around each other. not bearing to part quite yet, they both say “kiss” again and smack at the air in front of their faces. it’s actually very revolting. it’s like two, sexually ambiguous, interior designers parting on hgtv. fortunately my other son shows better sense.

(don’t forget to watch the “happy birthday grammy” video in the sidebar. it takes a while to load though, google video wasn’t working this morning.  let it load all the way before playing, else it squeeks.)


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  1. 1 Aunt Meggy July 27, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    they’re both gonna be beating off the chicks later.
    and that video is adorable.

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