5 years, forever

me and my smokin’ hot husband.


we went on our anniversary date today. it’s supposed to be july 13th, but i’ve been too pathetic to want to leave the house, even if it involved food. which it did. we went to “murphey’s fish and steak house” in search of fish and chips. which they did not have. it is hard to find good fish and chips. apparently when people get their hands on real fish they want to do obscene things to it like cover it in balsamic vinegar and kalamata olives. and hard as they may try, nothing is quite as good as deep frying. mmmm. my husband calls it “casting pearls before swine”. but i hold firm.  fresh king salmon from the columbia river and feta mashed potatoes have nothing on fish and chips.  nothing.


we went to the movies too, and realized it had been a whole year since we’d last gone. i didn’t feel like i had missed anything. ocean’s thirteen left much to be desired. but then again they all do. i’ve liked 2 movies in the course of my life, ‘amelie’ and ‘fight club’. wrenching a good review from me is nigh impossible. when people come out of ‘finding nemo’ and tell me it is great and how they are going to watch it 16 times, i wonder if their brain has fell out or if public schools just have that effect on people. not to be harsh, but i’ve never been able to love movies. i can watch them, but they are never satisfying. in the long run it just saves me money (we don’t have tv either) so i can do other fabulous things with my time, like blog and nap.

and aren’t these the dang coolest shoes ever? most people have had the nerve to tell me they are the ugliest things they’ve ever seen, but they are wrong, so wrong.



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  1. 1 mom July 23, 2007 at 11:48 am

    love your dress, not to many people can wear yellow, and boy looks handsome, did he get his hair cut, and were did you find the yellow tie. hope you both had a wonderful date love mom

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