this last week i’ve been the most pathetic lump of humanity. when i was pregnant with gideon and jehu i was always a little woozy in the morning but a hearty breakfast took care of that, and i was glad to oblige. this time i don’t feel particularly sick, just lumpish. and eating only makes me go to sleep. i’m afraid husband isn’t very impressed (although i can’t help but think if he were truly discomfited he would wash the dishes himself, so i won’t feel sorry for him). anyways, this is the song he sings to me (click it, wait for it to load and then press ‘play’. it just looks at you dumbly for a while and then appears, so be patient.):

tá querendo desquitar

periodically, marc wanders through the house belting, “ela tá dando, ela tá dando, ela tá dando, ela tá dando motivo para desquitar!”

in english it amounts to:

“vava married ambrosina, now he’s complaining about his luck, he’s wanting to leave

all she wants to do is sit and gossip out the window, she doesn’t want to cook and lets the food burn

she’s giving him a reason to leave

when he gets home he finds her on the couch, he goes to look on the stove, there’s nothing to eat

vava heads for the street telling everyone that his woman is giving him a reason to leave

she’s giving him a reason to leave”

isn’t that sweet?


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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