“gideon loves grandma”

he goes back and forth between grandma and mommy. i think he feels guilty and can’t make up his mind. i should explain to him that he can love more than one person. he tries to get jehu to love daddy for him so everyone’s accounted for. “jehu, you love daddy. gideon loves mommy….gideon loves grandma!”


they had a jolly time visiting the neglected grandparents. jehu got back at granddad for trimming his fingernails, by pooping on him and made up for lost time.



when we were coming into boise after a 7 hour drive i was trying to get the boys excited, explaining that we were almost home. instead gideon got out of the car, looked about indifferently, and said he wanted to go to grandma’s house. they must have better food. which reminds me, all three boys indignantly picked all the blueberries out of the blueberry pie i made this afternoon (slavishly mind you while half nauseous, and this is the thanks i get).


while we were there boy climbed trees for my dad. this made him momentarily grateful for his office job, i guess it was rather hot. later he went paint-balling with my brother. which rendered them both rather rapturous and giggly. in spite of the fact that reuben was bleeding and boy lost use of his arm. they hardly noticed, being far too busy shooting each other in the head.


here is boy taking down a tree in east city park. i’m sorry you can’t see how handsome he is from so far away.


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  1. 1 Gayla July 19, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    What is that green thing?

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