thinking (real hard)

in sabbath school they were discussing the veracity of scripture.  which is something i don’t think about much.  i’m more or less the dumb lunk when it comes to questioning the reality or competence of god.  isn’t it just obvious?  the believer will always exist in a posture of faith.  there is no other position in the face of an omnipotent, externally existent god.  i find it silly when christians feel the need to justify their faith or ‘prove’ god’s word in the search of ‘truth’ – while in reality god is truth.  there is no other source, there is no other authority to judge him by.  if you want to be truth or find truth the only option is to bow down and get good at bowing down.  even when we see him face to face we will still be bowing down.  we won’t be, “oh, now i know, thanks a lot that really helped.”  the closer we get to truth the less confident we will be in ourselves and what we know and the more humbled we will be before and almighty god.  one that we can’t even begin to understand, unless he imparts the understanding.  if you want to be truth, to fully know reality – i believe this is the highest form of it.  worshipping, believing and honoring god.

if any of your paths of knowledge propel you to put yourself against god’s word or god’s will,  know that you are already being false.  nice and simple, that’s how i like it.

“the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  proverbs 1:7


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