how my grandma is sweller than your grandma

my grandma and i drove around recklessly all morning going to yard sales on friday. she giggles when i take corners too fast or make impulsive u-turns. she never gets upset and is the most incurable optimist i have ever met. when we are about to die she will just comment on how spry the subaru is. “oh my, it can just turn around on a dime, can’t it?” when there are yard sale signs it can.

she helped me buy this lovely punch bowl for $15 when i only had a 10. it’s a tiara exclusive in chantilly green sandwich glass. la la. i’ve seen them online for $40 to$100, but in that ugly russet color. mine is so much more fabulous. a complete set too.


then we stopped by joanne’s where i got some clearance fabric to make an ironing board cover (which i finished today). meanwhile grandma watched sleeping baby in the car (gideon and i tried to be very fast). on our way home she bought me an iced mocha and chatted theology with me. because my grandma is smart as well as beatific. then she made me cranberry french toast for lunch, baby sat my kids, threaded the sewing machine and filled the bobbin with (would you believe it) matching thread. i usually can work myself up to such excess and just scavenge whatever leftover bobbins are laying about. then she let me ravage her material piles and, my favorite, the bias tape box. i made this:


it’s nice because i didn’t need to put any closures on it. it just slips over top. i would make more, but i tend to be afraid of making something twice when it worked so well the first time. (bad and worse things always happen.) but i do love the walking foot on grandma’s pfaff. maybe that’s how i got lucky.


the boys like visiting too. gideon thinks grandpa-great is just the thing. he made seats for gideon’s neat, wooden (yet seatless) school bus. advised me on how to fix the kids’ toy stroller. he also promised to buff my nice silverware that i accidentally fed to the garbage disposal. he feeds the kids goldfish, reads them books and fixes the pfaff when i break it. it’s a good thing they live in nampa or else i would never leave.


3 Responses to “how my grandma is sweller than your grandma”

  1. 1 violeta June 24, 2007 at 9:15 pm

    well my dear u r gettin’ 2 be a skinny minny. get some fat on those bones. huh, u should c my chubby belly!

  2. 2 Kellsy June 25, 2007 at 6:47 am

    that shirt is adorable!! i have no sewing skills… my skills end at sewing on a button… and i’m sure i could screw that up!!

  3. 3 lavenderlove June 27, 2007 at 8:05 am

    your grandma sounds spectacular- can i borrow her for a day?

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