i had some friends over to scrapbook thursday while kandi’s sister herded all our children. we very much enjoyed ourselves.



i finally started jehu’s baby book. someday i will finish gideon’s. sophie stayed till 9:30 trying to finish hers before baby #3 arrived and took over the world. they’re sneaky like that.


i made up some kale slaw for lunch, just like they have at the moscow coop. i think i’ve finally nailed down the recipe. woo-hoo. and discovered a yummy punch recipe too. 1 can raspberry lemonade, 12 oz sierra mist, 3 c water, 1 c raspberries, 1 c crushed ice, 1 t lime juice, and a handful of fresh mint leaves (which made all the difference). i liked it. and if anyone wants the kale slaw recipe let me know.



see the babies in the tummies? they’re ‘lavinia’ and ‘vashti’ (well, if i got to name them, that is). i think it’s actually closer to ‘madeline’ and ‘natasha’. but it’s yet to be seen. good work ladies.


and for dessert we had homemade mango ice cream. which wasn’t worth the hour of whisking i put in while loosing circulation in my legs. next time i will make little fruit cups with spritzer. and by the by, if you didn’t make it this go round we decided to do it again. we had too much fun. then you could have fruit cups too.



keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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