idaho state capitol

marc took a tour of the capitol the other day with some business/architect networking group. his boss was feeling too decrepit to go and asked marc to fill in for him.

the capitol is supposedly going to be closed for 3 years for restoration. so they had fun poking around all the corners and mechanical spaces and complaining about the folk who saw fit to carpet over marble floors and fill the skylights up with duct work. i guess they are going to try and restore most things and get rid of those heinous acoustic ceilings. i asked marc if he thought they would ever restore the skylights that are supposed to open into the hallways. but i guess they need all that space for all their junk. too bad.

apparently they have to strip all the capitals on the columns with popsicle sticks. marc says it looks like me and my mother got together and painted them, the way it’s globbed all over. (he thinks there’s a special hell for people like us who paint over hinges and outlet covers and probably also for people who carpet over marble floors).


keeping up appearances

vicar: "oh no, it's the bucket woman. drive, drive!!"

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