my family

came to visit monday and tuesday. that’s why my brother was here, standing over my shoulder, advising me on how to make crocheted rugs. we had a jolly good time. monday we went shopping and the boys went on a tour of the penitentiary. we had lunch with my grandparents and then biked along the river where natalie became involuntarily wet.



after dinner we walked along warm springs avenue, fighting over houses. i have decided i have superior taste. natalie opts for size, mom for cozy charm, and reuben for room for his underground arsenal. my hubby and dad just look at trees and pontificate over the ills of silver maples and the morons who plant them.


tuesday morning gideon took everyone to the ‘train store’ and grandma bought them some cool plan city trucks that they slept with that night (and the night after). we drove with them out of town and stopped at some unknown person’s yard to spy the largest english oak tree the boys had ever seen. they’re all arborists, hence such strange enthusiasm that propels them even to trespassing. fortunately, no one was home to see my dad out in their yard with his telescoping lens.


so now they are all gone and i should clean up my ravaged house instead of blogging. but you know, it’s such a hard call. anyways, we love grandma and grand-dad. thank you for visiting us. gideon wanders around, periodically telling me, “i had lots of fun with uncle reuben and natalie. like the trucks, like the cookies.  want chocolate.”



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  1. 1 stella burnette June 6, 2007 at 2:27 pm

    hi miranda, i’m at the deary library signing up the kids for the summer reading program… natalie is with us. she signed up also. she is coming back home with us to stay overnight with the girls. we are going to have homemade pizza, and maybe icecream if i decide to stop at the store. i like your website. pretty cool. sounds like you had a good time this last weekend. the weather is so awful up here. raining and blowing so hard. monica has been busy playing junior fastpitch softball for the kendrick-julieatta team. its alot of fun. their last day of school was may 31. well, i better go. what is your new phone number??? i’m having alot of problems with my cell phone lately. talk to you later.

  2. 2 mavis June 7, 2007 at 5:46 pm

    hiya stella. thanks for looking me up. i’ll have mom give you my new phone number. i’m having a scrapbooking party next weekend. i finally took your advice, only i decided to enlist my friends for moral support. get her done. how’s it coming with the new sewing machine? i’m still behind on all my projects and i keep coming up with new ones. *luv

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