this is my favorite little kids book laying about lately. “this is how we live in the country” by verlag joseph mueller. i love all the nooks and crannies. so do the little boys, they can look at one page forever and point out all the animals and the people swimming or going to church. it takes a long time to absorb all the pictures. i especially like how on every page there are people working, the young people and the old people, but having fun too.




i don’t understand slapshod children’s books (the ones illustrated by people who apparently lost their more favored limbs and were reduced to drawing with their teeth). i have to tear the library apart looking for books with ‘real’ pictures in them. i did the exact same thing when i was little too. is this weird? i especially despised books with talking animals. i don’t care what kind of dress you put a girl horse in, she still makes for one ugly female. it’s the same with rabbits. it doesn’t work for me. besides, i don’t think god’s that great of a fan of amalgamation (personally) not to mention that it profanes the image of god in man (call me picky). but i do like these, cinderella and sleeping beauty by some woman with the name of ‘craft’. i also like ruth palmer, but i don’t know of much else, especially for boys. ships and pirates and a little bit of genghis khan would do nicely. any suggestions?


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