dress for isabelle

on her birthday. the worst part was not being able to fit it and so i think it turned out a little wide. the next worst part was trying to read a pattern written by old, hallucinating women with english as their second language.


i persevered, of course. no offense to the old ladies. it’s just that my computer progamming course in college was less frustrating. have you ever read the instructions on the back of a zipper package? it’s like what would happen if women ruled the world. i mostly live in defiance of ‘north’ and ‘south’ and actual street names and prefer directions given in terms of color, slopage, and the word ‘cute’. for instance, “go down the road until you come to that cute taupe house, then go up, you can’t miss it, i’ll run out right now and park my car in the street…” instead of mentioning cardinal directions and actual street numbers. but it has a bad bad end.

“work on inside of garment. with bottom of zipper opening away from you, extend right seam allowance. open zipper. place the right zipper tape face down on seam allowance with bottom stop at marking and coil next to seam. pin.”


you should feel bad if that makes sense to you. i would remind you that life is short.



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  1. 1 lavenderlove May 22, 2007 at 3:20 pm

    i love the dress it’s so sweet. you have to make one for elizabeth or maybe you can just draw pictures of dresses you would like to make and we’ll make up our own patterns. i never follow patterns and it’s probably because i’m to dumb to understand the lingo… you shouldn’t feel so bad… most mommies are envious of your creativity.

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